Immigrant American

I am an immigrant american.

 I admire America for countless reasons but mainly because it is a melting pot of cultures, however, America isn't where my family or many other families are originally from. If we look at history we will see that all of us come from a line of immigrants whether it was by will or sadly by force, long ago to escape the regimes of King George the III, most recently to flee other forms of peril, or to simply have a better life. Regardless the purpose, the truth is we are Immigrant Americans who can call the United states our home. Unfortunately, not everyone desires to embrace this aspect of America due to negative connotations associated with different social stigmas and ethnic stereotypes. Yet there is so much we can learn about the richness of various cultures that surround us if we simply take the time to learn from one another. That is the sole purpose of this series; to show the beauty of America by acknowledging the fact that though we come from different backgrounds, we can equally bear the name "American" if given the opportunity to.

Below are real stories of different Americans I had the privilege of interviewing. I hope these stories challenge perspectives, change mentalities and encourage individuals to value each other's humanity.