The rose carved arrow: A deeper meaning behind the logo

Arrows are a symbol of many things; speed, courage, strength, direction, protection, the list goes on. And with every arrow there is a target. I believe that every individual on this Earth, whether one knows it or not, is aiming for a purpose...a target in this life. 

So why the rose? 

There is something special about the rose. Its beauty is a given yet it isn’t the appearances of the bud that intrigues me but rather its prickles; those thorn-like outgrowths that provide protection against predators. Though easily able to break off, the prickles still can provide a sort of defense mechanism when in contact. How often are we like the fragile rose with a tough exterior. We have our walls, our secrets, our mechanism of defense. However, in the deepest chambers of our souls, we all have a story that so eagerly wants to be told to the listening ear and understood by the willing heart.  

Our hearts are so filled with yearnings and cravings for purpose that we are pretty much willing to try anything to satisfy that burning desire. Though our stories and journeys are different, we are all the rose carved arrow.   

That's the heart of my photography; with every press of the shuttle, I hope to reveal many untold stories. Like photographer Bruno Barbey said best: 

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”


Elizabeth BuckshonComment